Tulita Tourism Gets a Boost

Tulita, NT – The Government of Canada, through the Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP), has invested over $79,000 to construct a campground and facilities in the Hamlet of Tulita.
The announcement was made by NWT MP Michael McLeod, on behalf of Navdeep Bains, Minister responsible for CanNor.
Funding will go towards the construction of a campground with 20 camping pads, fire pits, communal eating shelters, washroom facilities, and a seasonal dock to allow access from the Bear River. The campground will enhance facilities for summer tourists, extend the camping season into the winter, and increase seasonal community employment.

“Through this investment, there will be increased economic activity in the Hamlet of Tulita,” said McLeod. “Residents will benefit from increased visitor numbers and spending. The Government of Canada is proud to support projects that foster economic development and support the wellbeing of communities in the North.”

Tulita Mayor Rocky Norwegian echoed his support for the project.

“The campground is for the benefit of the residents of Tulita and our visitors to help promote healthy, active living,” he said.

CanNor funding for this project was $79,957 with the Hamlet of Tulita contributing $82,936, and the Government of the Northwest Territories adding $30,000. Total funding for the project is $192,893.

The Hamlet of Tulita is a small Dene and Métis community of 500 accessed by air and winter road only.

The community is a stopping point for guided and unguided paddlers undertaking trips on the Sahtu Region’s many rivers.

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